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So you’re travelling around Australia and decide you want to spend a few months on the Gold Coast.  You have two options: 1. Spend two months showering with flip-flops and sharing a dorm room with 7 other flatmates, or 2. Look for an apartment to share.  Getting an apartment is generally cheaper than a hostel, more secure and means you can stock up on groceries and shower without those flip-flops (hopefully!).  Start early and be aggressive, getting an apartment can take several weeks depending on when the previous roommates are moving out so don’t wait until the last minute.  Here are a few tips on landing a great place on the Gold Coast:

  1. – this is by far the best online resource for getting a place.  Call whenever you can for a faster response and always send an email to follow up. You can also find roommates and jobs here, but I found the job section to be quite limited for the Gold Coast.
  2. Hit up the universities – both Bond and Griffith University have accommodation posting boards on their campus and online at and
  3. Hostels – you are likely already staying at one, there are dozens in Surfers Paradise most of which of posting boards and other people looking for roommates
  4. Gold Coast Accommodation Service – Located on Beach road right across from the main strip, they have postings of people looking to let a room in their apartment and they can help you find an apartment for longer stays of 3-6 months for those looking for their own place all free of charge
  5. Gold Coast Bulletin – Wednesday and Saturday edition of the paper has a classified section for housing and jobs, if you miss it the news agency on Surfers Parade usually keeps copies around for a few days
  6. Other websites for rental accommodations that were helpful include and click the “Share” tab to find people looking for roommates

Good luck hunting! Don’t get discouraged as you will likely end up seeing a dozen places before you find one you like.  Keep your head up and don’t settle and before you know it you will be saying good-bye to dorm rooms and hello to peace and quiet!


After exactly 5 weeks of travelling D day is here – it’s time to settle down again, look for an apartment and get a job so we can keep funding the next 6 months of our Australia travels.  I can’t believe how fast the 5 weeks from Sydney to Fraser Island have flown by. Now it’s back to the grind, no more lying at the beach all day, for now at least.

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

We are back to living at Andrew’s mate, Ash’s house, until we can find a place to rent.  This helps to reduce our living costs significantly and my stress levels as the days pass with no luck of finding an apartment.  Searching for a place in the Gold Coast is certainly not as easy as finding a place in Sydney.  For tips and resources on finding an apartment in Surfers and the surrounding area, check out my article here.

It always amazes me at how some people live.  Price is no indicator of what your get. We saw some quite pricey places that were completely trashed, while other less expensive places were better kept but didn’t end up fitting our criteria.  Our daily routine consists of spending our mornings at McDonald’s for the free wi-fi until our computers run out of battery power, go to the viewings and/or apply for jobs in the afternoon while the laptops re-charge, then back to McDonald’s in the evening to look for more places online.  After 5 days of this, we take Friday night off to go out for some drinks, hoping for better luck next week!

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