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Top 4 Things I Miss About Canada

Posted on: April 13, 2010

We are almost at the halfway point of our journey with 7 months now spent away from Canada, and 8 more months to go.  And although I have overall truly enjoyed the experience of travelling, there are moments when I miss the familiarities of home.  Australia has a lot to offer, but there are some things that it can’t replace.  So, in no particular, here are the top 4 things I miss about being in Canada:

  1. Family and Friends:  This one is an obvious one, probably at the top of everyone’s list who travels for long periods of time.  Sometimes it can be exhausting to have to introduce myself to dozens of new people every day and recount my story, trying to describe who I am and what I’m about in a few sentences or less.  While meeting and connecting with new friends here is great, having a cup of tea with a friend who already knows everything about you and doesn’t have to ask can’t compare.
  2. Snow: I am definitely more of a summer person, and I love spending days lazing around at the beach, but I can’t imagine not ever having a white Christmas. There is something about the first snowfall that feels magical and always makes me feel like a kid again.  The last two winters I have taken up snowboarding, and I definitely felt the absence of riding the slopes this year.
  3. Fast Internet: I never would have suspected Australia to be so far behind in technology, but most 3rd world countries have better internet than Australia.  It’s slow and very expensive when compared with Canadian standards.  Wi-fi hot spots are almost non-existent, and when you do finally get a connection, don’t even attempt to load more than one page at a time.
  4. Food: For the most part, Australia cuisine is similar to Canada’s but there are a few things missing.  Kraft dinner – why do they not have it here? I can’t remember how many nights in University I ate this stuff without getting sick of it.  I will admit it’s a weird food craving, but it definitely reminds me of home.  Also, I haven’t found any sushi here that even compares to our Vancouver standards

Sometimes you really can’t appreciate the small niceties of home, until you have been away for a while. It’s usually the things we take for granted that we end up missing the most.  For now, I will just have to suffer through the slow internet – and if anyone finds a box of real KD here, let me know!



3 Responses to "Top 4 Things I Miss About Canada"

Laughing at your KD craving. Apparently, we Canucks consume more KD per capita than anyone else on this planet.

Perhaps you can find one of those cans of dried, grated cheddar cheeses Kraft sells, buy some pasta and make a ‘reasonable facsimile’ to ease your cravings?

Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Gwen McCauley -Ottawa

I have read pretty much your whole blog. It´s very interesting.
Me and my girlfriend are moving to Sydney soon. We live in Sweden at the moment but we lived in New Zealand (she is a Kiwi) for 6 months before we moved here. I remember the internet in N.Z being really slow and limited and i´m gutted that it seems to be the same way in Australia. I would guess Sweden and Canada are pretty similar when it comes to good infrastructure ,technology and weather (and ice hockey hehe). I hope it wont be too bad in Oz. The weather is better for sure 🙂
Keep up the good blogging!

Thanks for the feedback Andy! I am glad you have been enjoying the blog, all the best!


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