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Fraser Island: Day 3

Posted on: March 21, 2010

Lake Boomajin

Lake Boomajin

Day 3 on Fraser Island is all about lakes. There are a number of fresh water lakes scattered throughout the island that provide for excellent swimming and with the ocean surrounding Fraser Island full of  deadly rip currents, violent waves, jellyfish and sharks the lakes are your only option.  The main attraction of the day is Lake McKenzie, but since we have to get up early to beat the tides again we decide why not take the scenic route and check out some of the other natural lakes on the island. First on the stop Lake Boomajin.  It’s got great colours of sand running out into the lake from all the sediment that has been deposited from rain and the surrounding rocks, but not much of an appeal for swimming. Next we check out each of Lake Benaroon, Lake Barga, Lake Birrabeen, and finally we descend upon Lake McKenzie, our final destination for the day and for our Fraser Island trip.

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie

Walking down the steps to Lake McKenzie it feels like we are entering a tropical paradise that could easily be in the Carribean or some small island off Indonesia. The pure white sand glistens under the sun and music faintly drifts down the beach from speakers at the other end.  The water is a beautiful aqua marine and clear right out into the middle of the lake. I can easily see why this is the main swimming spot on the island. All I need now is a strawberry daiquiri and I’m good to go – unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’s bar service here.  After a swim in the water its nap time on the beach after waking up at 6am for the third day in a row. It’s the perfect way to end our 3 day excursion here on Fraser Island with all of the groups hanging out together relaxing on the beach under the sun. And to think there is a cyclone hitting the coast just north of us and we haven’t gotten one drop of rain. This is our last stop on our Fraser Island journey, and what a way to end it off relaxing at a beautiful beach with new friends , swapping pictures and memories of our 3 day excursion.


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