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Fraser Island: Day 1

Posted on: March 19, 2010

The alarm goes off at 6:15 am and we bound out of bed to get ready for our 7am briefing for our Fraser Island tour. After we pack our bags away everyone staggers into the breakfast hall to grab some food and meet our assigned groups.

In the Truck!

In the Truck!

We have 8 members in ours, Andrew and myself, two girls from France, two guys from Germany, and a couple from Italy. I joke that our team name should be the UN since we are all from different countries. After a few short videos and some important decisions about food for the trip, we all jump into our 4×4 truck which will be our transportation for the next 3 days.  The convoy leaves the hostel as we head down to the docks where the trucks will be loaded onto a barge and transported along with us to Fraser Island.



We arrive at the island and after just minutes of driving I can see why a 4×4 is mandatory here, the main “road” is more of a dirt pathway with giant potholes, creeks and puddles making it one hell of a bumpy ride.  Finally after 45 minutes of navigating this road we make it to the beach with much smoother driving from here on in.  The purest breed of dingoes is found on the island, and within minutes of driving we spot one on the beach. Their appearance is very misleading as they look like your common pet dog, petting however is not recommended as they can be quite vicious.

Eli Creek

Eli Creek

Our first stop for the day is at Eli Creek, a natural spring found on the island that has crystal clear waters and supports much of the flora and fauna in this area. We hope out of the trucks finally to stretch our legs and go into the creek for a dip.

Driving back up the beach, you can’t miss one of the most famous icons of Fraser Island, the Maheno Ship Wreck. Most photography stores have pictures of this iconic ship rusting up on the beach shore.

Maheno Ship Wreck

Maheno Ship Wreck

A great photo spot, although it’s hard to get one of just the boat without the dozens of other tourists in the way!  Further along the beach we come to stop 3 on our journey today, The Pinnacle, a giant mountain of coloured sand. I decide this is the perfect spot to grab some sand from the island to add to my worldwide sand collection.  Our last stop for the day – Camp Beaches. This IS the reason to book with this tour company and not any of the others. They have a permanent camp site set up with a large hut for cooking and eating, fire pits, toilets and showers. It is a whole lot nicer to relax at the end of the day with a few drinks around the fire pit and have proper showers to freshen up in.


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