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Daytime in Brisbane

Posted on: March 14, 2010



Now that we have experienced Brisbane by night, we our out to explore the city in the day light. First stop on the list, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.  Located next to the University of Brisbane, the gardens provide a break from the concrete jungle of downtown. With heaps of wildlife and a diverse range of flora, you could easily spend an afternoon here.  I even managed to get up close with a large iguana before he hopped back into the pond. Next we walked around the downtown core and checked out the  Eagle St. Markets which has your usual assortment of clothing, artwork and food.

South Bank Parklands

South Bank Parklands

Since Brisbane doesn’t have any natural beach front area they decided to create their own little oasis down at the South Bank Parklands. A beautiful lagoon has been created with a number of swimming areas and a water play area for kids. It feels like a tropical paradise just outside the downtown core. For the adults there are a number of high-end restaurants and a large beer garden area.

Story Bridge

Story Bridge

As the sun begins to set we head out on an evening stroll along the waterfront path starting at New Farm. From here you can walk along the riverbanks under Story Bridge and watch the lights of the city begin to turn on as the sun continues to set in the night sky. We (and by we I mean Andrew) snapped some amazing photos of the sun setting over the bridge for a great view of Brisbane at night. Our last night in the big city for a while as we head back up the coast tomorrow.


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