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Posted on: March 3, 2010

Town of Nimbin

Town of Nimbin

Nimbin is a town frozen in time. 1973 to be exact.  There was a music festival, and it appears that all the hippies forgot to leave after the show ended.  It has only one main street with a few  dozen shops on each side, catering to an alternative lifestyle.  With store names such as “Bringabong” and “Happy High Herbs” I find myself thinking, you’re not in Kansas anymore. If you are looking for drugs or a tie die shirt, this place has it covered. We spend about an hour walking up and down the street, you don’t need any more time than that, and get offered marijuana at each store we enter, and from all the locals on the street. I guess we stand out like a sore thumb here. Bus tours run daily from Byron Bay from a number of different alternative companies.

Our Room in Nimbin

Our Room in Nimbin

If smoking pot isn’t your cup of tea, staying a night at the YHA in Nimbin is enough of a reason to come here.  For the same price as the dorms in Byron, we had our own private cabana with a queen size bed, and a magnificent view overlooking the mountains. What a change from dorm room living! The hostel is all outdoors with gardens and stone paths connecting each of the living spaces.  There is a great pool, barbeque area and even a giant tepee you can rent out as a room.  It definitely has a very relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a romantic night of stargazing – with or without any additives.


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