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Snorkelling in Byron Bay

Posted on: February 28, 2010

Sundive Snorkeling

Sundive Snorkeling

After two days of total relaxation we decide we need to change it up a bit so we sign up for a snorkelling tour with Sun Dive that takes us out to the marine reserve at Julien Rock – about 2.5 km off the coast.  Note – this tour is not for the faint of heart. Other snorkelling tours I have done in the Caribbean have been on a large boat that serves drinks on the way out to the reef, when you arrive its crystal blue calm waters, and you float around until they say it’s time to get back on the boat.  Here you gear up with full wetsuits and then jump in the van which gets you to the beach. The fun starts once you help get the scuba boat in the water. With the waves crashing over the sides of the speed boat, you have to time your jump into the boat with the wave to make sure you make it. Once everyone is in, we head out for a wicked ride through massive waves, holding on for dear life to the ropes on the sides of the boat.

Snorkeling Boats

Snorkeling Boats

If you have any fear of swimming or water, or get seasick easily, stay on the shore. Once we get to the rocks, we jump out into the waters, and a whole world below the sea is opened up to us. From giant sea turtles to sting rays, schools of fish and even sharks! This place does not disappoint. It feels peaceful and serene floating in the water letting the current take you, when above the water the waves are crashing furiously against the rocks. Before we know it the current has taken us way out, and with no chance of swimming against it to get back in, we signal the speedboat for a pick up. You need to keep your nerves a bit out here as the currents are incredibly strong, and even strong swimmers such as Andrew and I, don’t stand a chance. Back in the boat we head to shore, bouncing over the massive waves and getting drenched –luckily with the wetsuits it doesn’t really matter.  An incredible day out at sea, that has inspired me to start taking a serious look at waterproof cameras.


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