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Byron Bay

Posted on: February 27, 2010

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

With only one main street, and no traffic lights, Byron Bay is the perfect beach town.  There are more tourists here than locals, and the town has a laid back beach vibe that is noticeable from the minute you enter the town. With miles of beautiful beaches and one of the best surfing spots at The Pass, in Australia, it’s easy to see why the locals work hard at preserving their small town feel. It’s the polar opposite (so I’ve heard), of Surfer’s Paradise, with all its glitz and glamour and high rise condo’s. Here the locals live the slogan – no shirt, no shoes,  no other way to live. Don’t get me wrong though, there are enough activities and events here to keep you (and the thousands of other tourists) busy. From snorkelling, diving, surfing, skydiving, spas and golf courses there is something for everyone, whatever your pace is.

Chilling in Hammocks

Chilling in Hammocks

We spend the first few days totally relaxing at the beach during the day and then hanging out in hammocks back at the hostel or in the swimming pool. There are tons of cute shops that remind you of the hippy roots of this town. If you are looking for some happy herbs or a tie-die shirt, this is your place. Friday night we meet up with Andrew’s university friends and have some drinks back at their hostel, Nomads before heading over to Lalaland for the night.

Pie in Australia!

Pie in Australia!

Saturday we meet some Canadians staying at our hostel, and head out to The Railway club with them for the evening, since it’s the one fellow’s birthday. After the bar we have our first Australian meet pies, from a bakery down the street that makes them fresh all day. I grab a chicken and Andrew gets a Beef pie – I can’t believe we have waited over 5 months to try a pie – they are delicious! Perfect after a night out drinking at the bar.


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