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Posted on: February 15, 2010

View from Sublime Point

View from Sublime Point

Our first day out of Sydney, we are headed to Wollongong, a city of approximately 200,00 people and about 1.5 hours south of Sydney.  The Wollongong tourist website describes the city as, “one of Australia’s most livable regional cities.” The town has undergone a major facelift with posh condos and shops lining the main streets.  However, none of this can mask its roots as a major factory town with the city’s main beach giving a clear view to the massive industrial area to the south of the city.

Wollongong Lighthouse

Wollongong Lighthouse

There are lots of options here for sleeping and eating, but not much else.  The beach is lack lustre and the city too large to give it a small beach town feel and yet too small to compete with the larger Australian cities in terms of excitement and entertainment.  With so many beach resort towns just north of Sydney, you are better off spending your holiday time there. Not a bad place to stopover for the night, or stretch your legs, but I wouldn’t recommend longer stays.


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