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Blue Mountains!

Posted on: December 8, 2009

We decide to rent a car today and get out of they city for a change.  The Blue Mountains is a picturesque area about 1.5 hours outside of Sydney.  There are lots of options for organized tours if you don’t have your own transportation as well.  Getting there is easy, just follow the signs outside of the city and you can’t miss it.

Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls

We downloaded a few maps that show the different view points that you can drive to.  There are numerous hikes in this area as well – everything from easy 1 hour hikes to overnight 2 & 3 day hikes depending what you’re up for. Most of the view points are also accessible by car and a short walk. The first stop is Wentworth Falls– here you can really see how the drought is affecting the area, there is hardly any water fall at all – but still a beautiful vantage point.

Three Sisters

Three Sisters

The most famous lookout point in this area is the Three Sisters – three giant rock formations. Legend says they are  three sisters who were turned to stone by their father for their protection, and then he never got the chance to turn them back. This area is a bit disappointing as it has been really over done and is very touristy – they paved the whole area which makes it very accessible, but also means you will be sharing the view with bus loads of tourists.  Not the kind of quite and remote we are looking for.  Also, there are tons of bugs here – as in swarms.  You can’t stand still for more than a few seconds without being covered – bug spray is essential (if only we had some!). Scenic World is also close by here in the city of Katoomba – it has walking paths down in the forest, a railway ride and a gondola.  A great way to enjoy this area with kids, but not for us today.

Blue Mountain Lookout

Blue Mountain Lookout

After this stop we are able to get off the beaten path a bit more and enjoy some views on our own in peace and quite. Make sure you plan your trip on a clear day as the views are unbeatable. We drive around for a few more areas to take in all the different vantage point, and then head home, just beating the rain on the way home.


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