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Last Days in Bondi

Posted on: October 22, 2009

Monday Oct 18th – Thursday Oct 21st:

Bondi Beach Rocks

Bondi Beach Rocks

Back to work on Monday to finish up my work placement at RogenSi.  At this point I have been told that I have another work placement in Pyrmont, where we are moving too, that will start on Wednesday, after this placement is done.  On Monday night, we walk around the other side of Bondi Beach over all of these rock formations.  Waves splash up against the rocks, and cray fish and crabs can be seen in the small pools of water.  There are a few fisherman out here, braving the wind and the waves. We stay until the sun goes down, when there is just enough light that we can make our way back over the rocks and to the beach again.



Tuesday is here.  I find out, that unfortunately, I won’t be starting at the other placement.  The person who was in the job previously got promoted, but now wanted her old job back so I was out of luck.  I was pretty bummed at first, but it worked out great because I was able to spend our last few days in Bondi at the beach.  Tuesday night we went for drinks at Ravesis‘.  They have really cheap weeknight specials – on Tuesdays its $3 Blondes, and $10 for a pizza, Monday is even cheaper at $2/drink.  They are right on the corner of Hall St. and Campbell Parade, with a view of the ocean, not bad for $3 drinks!

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Wednesday we spend our last day at the beach again.  This time we both grab boogie boards and head out into the ocean.  I didn’t catch many waves but had a good time diving over them and under them anyways.  Its amazing how powerful the waves are at Bondi, you really have to be a good swimmer to be out deep in the water.  We spend our last night hanging out with people at the hostel and starting to pack up our stuff.  After spending almost two weeks at the Bondi Backpackers, our stuff is everywhere.  It looks like we will each be carrying a few extra bags over to Pyrmont tomorrow!

On Thursday morning, Andrew gets a call that he has an interview with Sirius Recruitment agency for Friday morning (the same company that I am with).  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any dress attire, so after we check out of our hostel, we leave our bags at reception and head down to Bondi Junction to do some shopping.  They have a Target which provides us with all our shopping needs.  Andrew and I both pick up some new work clothes, as I also heard from Sirius that I will be starting another 3 week placement as a receptionist on Monday.  After that, we head back to the hostel to pick up our bags and head over to Pyrmont.  Goodbye for now Bondi, we’ll be back soon!


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