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St. Kilda’s beach

Posted on: October 6, 2009

St. Kilda's Beach

St. Kilda's Beach

Now that we have seen the beach from the Rialto towers, it’s time we go and pay St. Kilda a visit.  It’s a cool day, so there won’t be any sun tanning but worth a trip down anyways.  We take the tram to St. Kilda and take a tour around the gardens here on the way to the beach since they are free.  St. Kilda is a small beach side town with an artsy feel to it.  We make it to the beach, and soak in the ocean air.  We may have not been able to go surfing here, but a beach is a beach, always a great site to see.

Luna Park

Luna Park

We snap a few pics here and then stop by Luna Park to grab some as well.  This is a famous old park that this area is known for and has been open since 1906. Lots of roller coasters and  other rides for those looking for a thrill.  Although, I think the large scary clown might keep some kids away! We head back home as the wind is really ramping up and it’s getting colder by the second!


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