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Movies and the Melbourne Aquarium

Posted on: September 30, 2009

Penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium

Penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium

The next several days consist of watching all 3 of the Jurassic park movies, followed by all 3 of the Lord of the Rings movies – the extended version.  Needless to say, not our most productive.  I do get out into the city a few times and check out the Melbourne aquarium.  A bit on the pricey side ($33.00 entry), but I do at least get a discount with my backpacker card.  Here I got to see penguins, my first time seeing live penguins, quite a site! Very nice exhibit with snow and a ice pond for them to swin – and boy can they swim! When they’re not swimming they spend their days piling up rocks to lay on – looks like the one with the most rocks is in charge.

Melbourne Aquarium Shark Tank

Melbourne Aquarium Shark Tank

Spend another few hours walking around, and stop in to see the shark feeding show where divers get in the tanks with sharks (and stingrays, turtles, and hundreds of fish) to feed them.  Mostly they just get sucked on my the giant manta rays.  Beautiful room, 2.2 million litres of water in this one giant display. Overall a great tourist attraction, but I think I am partial to the Vancouver aquarium back home.


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